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Unique 7-Step Learning System that help you to reach your highest potential!

CS Edu U provides the unique 7-Step Learning System enable students to have sufficient support and resources to maximize their academic potential. Everyone has strengths and weakness and a range of skills that are used in different situations. We help students to look for your strengths to build up confidence and becoming more aware of yourself as a unique individual.



1. Assessment

Formative and Summative tests are held regularly during the term and at the end of the term to assess student’s ability and knowledge in each topic to indicate each student’s strengths and weakness in order to provide the best feedback for improvement.

2. Theory Classes

A clear and detailed theory class is essential to enhance students understanding and applying all the basic concepts. Students are given clear examples to learn in the most effective way to tackle exam-style questions.

3. Homework

Homework is an off-class exercise which consists of:

– Basic questions which shows students’ understanding in basic knowledge of the topic

– Harder questions which indicates students’ ability in applying the concepts and exam techniques.

– Extension questions which show students’ through understanding of all concepts and ability in solving comprehensive questions

4. Quizzes

Quizzes are assessed every week in class to encourage students to absorb the knowledge and keep their work up-to-date. Quizzes assist teachers in helping students in finding their own weakness.

5. Topic Test

Topic tests are held in class for every topic to ensure the solid foundation students has acknowledged. Trial exams are assessed according to students’ need before the exams to familiarize the format and exam style.

6. Feedback

Timely feedback will be given in every tutorial by assessing student’s attempts in class, homework, quizzes and tests.

7. Intensive Tutorial

Weekly small group tutorials are to ensure students catch all the basic concepts and details in class and are

on the right track. Intensive exercise can help students in developing problem solving skills and exam techniques.