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CS Edu U is a well-established college that provided comprehensive coaching and tutoring service to students since 2002. We aim to improve educational opportunities for students in Australia and other regions in Asia-Pacific.

With the development of advanced technology, CS Edu U has proved to be an innovative and successful education module that widely used by students. We have developed our own unique Blended Learning System. We take pride in the fact that we publish our own learning materials, which will efficiently assist students for examinations preparation. As the college growing in size and expanding, we have 12 branches across New South Wales. By focusing on offering the right tutoring service, we have more than 1000 students and 10,700+ are using our unique online system.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a useful tool that assists students in learning significantly. With personalized notifications and multimedia integration, it allows students to assess the learning materials anytime and make learning much easier. LMS offers a huge range of highly customizable features that will make learning easier which is different from the traditional method.